How to make your next waxing treatment more tolerable

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Top tips to making your next wax treatment more torlerable

1. Avoid your morning hit of caffeine
Caffeine before your wax not only increases your energy levels but your sensitivity levels as well causing more pain during your wax.

2. A little sensitive?
Taking a painkiller (NOT ASPIRIN) 30 minutes before your wax can help reduce pain.

3. A lot sensitive?
Invest in a skin numbing cream! Just make sure you read the instructions about when to apply as sometimes it requires at least 30 minutes before treatment.

4. Exfoliate & Moisturise.
Exfoliating and moisturising regularly 24-48 hours AFTER a wax is really important to keep the skin healthy, making it easier during a wax as dry skin can sometimes cause skin lifting.

5. Avoid that time of the month
Is Aunt flow visiting? Or about to make her monthly visit? Avoid a wax one week before and one week after your period as you are extra sensitive during this time.

6. No shaving
This can cause a disturbance in your hair circle and can make the skin and hair even tougher. Stay away from the razors, tweezers or epilator.

7. Get into a regular wax routine

The importance of a regular waxing routine

On a final note, for those who you who undergo a regular waxing routine you will already understand the benefits of having your wax at regular intervals. When, you get into the routine of regular waxing, usually body waxing is done every 4-6 weeks.  Your hair will be at the same growth stage and be growing at the same rate meaning we can achieve a much smoother look, feel and finish plus it’s less painful.

Botanica Beauty Therapy based in Albany offers safe and gentle waxing for both men and women. Our spa quality waxes are formulated with botanical’s such as hemp seed oil, ideal for sensitive skin.  Check out our wax treatments here

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